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As veteran F&B consumers, many of us will have our share of horror stories to tell. From nasty waitresses and ridiculous delays to credit card mix-ups and less than appetizing chef specials, we have experienced them all and this keeps us wary of places, which have delivered such experiences.

On the other hand, we also have our treasured trove of memorable experiences at certain “special” eating places where we will patronize, repeatedly till the day they move or unfortunately shut down.

While seemingly insignificant or accidental, these experiences are in fact the very purposeful cornerstones of successful F&B establishments. As such, iFi Academy seeks to empower F&B entrepreneurs with the essential recipes and ingredients for delivering positive experiences to their customers consistently and creatively.

iFi Academy, an organization committed to providing business professionals with strategic business-based educational programmes, is organizing “An Experiential Conference: Secrets to Managing a Successful F&B Business”.

The Conference aims to create an F&B utopia where consumers are wowed and truly satiated with their dining experiences, and F&B entrepreneurs can finally establish the visibly successful businesses they have always dreamt of.

What participants can expect at this Conference:

  • Steven Tan, a successful and inspiring F&B entrepreneur will be sharing his iFi PROFIT® Model that captures the essence of what is vital for F&B entrepreneurial success.
  • An experiential session that involves hands-on activities, spurring competition and synergetic discussions which will effectively enhance their learning process.
  • Specially designed Conference premises that is sure to serve up a great event experience.