Aifa Johry
Lavarock Pte Ltd
The last 10 months that I have spent at iFi Academy was very memorable and enjoyable. iFi’s trainings always present an equal mix of academic and experiential learning. For instance, the Handle Terminations, Dismissals and Resignations module is very fun and enlightening. I remember all the theories about managing difficult employees and resolving staff issues easily through the interactive role plays that brought about much laughter and excitement for my classmates and I. You will never be bored when attending trainings at iFi!
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Allan Chong
iFi Student
I enjoyed attending classes at iFi Academy because the learning activities are both fun and engaging. These classes are conducted by facilitators who are well-versed in F&B management and impressed me in more ways than one. They demonstrated outstanding professionalism and created a positive image for iFi Academy.
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Cecilia Ong Wei Chee
Porn's Sexy Thai Food
The START programme provided me with the opportunity to acquire essential knowledge and skillsets on F&B management and apply them at my workplace. The learning activities helped me to enhance knowledge transfer and retention, and made the learning process much more meaningful and enriching.

It was a great experience meeting people from different companies, both F&B and non-F&B alike. During the training sessions, both trainers and learners shared experiences and exchanged ideas on how to apply what have learnt at our workplaces. I truly enjoyed my learning journey at iFi.

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Daniel Wong
Lixin Fishball Noodles
With no prior experience in the F&B industry, I was asked to attend the START programme in iFi Academy to gain F&B knowledge and skillsets. It turned out to be a wise decision as the programme has far exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn a lot from the trainers who have vast F&B experiences under their belts, the classes are also fun and enjoyable. I truly enjoyed participating in the learning activities, such as role plays and group discussions as we get to share our working experiences with our peers.

By applying the acquired knowledge and skillsets at my workplace, my job performance levels and contributions to the company have increased considerably. I am able to manage the day-to-day operations more effectively, handling today’s challenges and preparing for future growth.

I will strongly recommend this programme to those who are new to the F&B industry or wish to hone their existing F&B knowledge and skillsets.

Thank you, iFi Academy. I hope you will continue your relentless contributions to the F&B industry.

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Mohamed Faizal Bin Abdullah
iFi has provided me with a profound understanding of managing a business in the F&B industry. During training sessions, the trainers relentlessly helped us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the course content, using a variety of hands-on activities such as the A-Z activity, which is undeniably an interactive way of doing a recap on the lessons taught in class. Thank you, iFi Academy for all the great tutoring and assistance rendered! Kudos to all the trainers!
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Jaime Tan
iFi Student
One part of the Handle Terminations, Dismissals & Resignations module that left a deep impression on me most was “The Theory of Value”: the understanding that people value things differently, and to get to know people is to understand what they interest them the most. Only from there can we optimize welfare in mutual gains.

Through this learning at the academy, I can now better motivate and manage my volunteers into working for the same goal to helping the community.

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Felix Avelino Philmone
Fatboy’s Concepts Pte Ltd
I always look forward to attending classes at iFi Academy; I have learnt a great deal through the real life examples shared by my classmates. The friendships that I have gained are simply priceless.
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Pornsak Prajakwit
Porn’s Sexy Thai Food
We would like to show our greatest appreciation to iFi Academy for the great work done in training our employees. Our employees returned from the course with greater motivation and willingness to improve our daily operations. The results of their enhanced skillsets have manifested in the form of numerous compliment letters received from our diners and more importantly, reduced talent turnover rate by 50%.

We have absolutely no regrets in relying on companies like yours to help us improve service standards and satisfy our diners. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service and we look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

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Ray Lim
Lavarock Pte Ltd
Being a chef by profession, F&B management is a topic that is relatively new to me. By attending the WSQ Diploma in F&B Management programme, I learnt the art and science of managing F&B outlets; I attained a greater understanding of how operations is being managed and came to the realisation that running an F&B business is more than just whipping up delicious food. It’s about using the right ingredients (resources) with the right equipment (tools and strategies) to produce delicious products (a successful F&B business).

After acquiring the knowledge and skillsets related to F&B management, I am now able to contribute more than just my culinary skills to my company.

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Ruzanna Yusoff
iFi Student
I would like to thank Steven for giving me endless encouragement and sharing with me refreshing perspectives of the F&B industry. I have benefited immensely from your sharing and I really appreciate the learning support that iFi Academy had rendered to me.

Despite being an entrepreneur who has many years of experience in the F&B industry under your belt, you have shown great humility and I respect you for that. Thank you, Steven.

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Sebastian Teow
Quantum Group Pte Ltd
Due to the company’s expansion plans, we were a facing a shortage of labour. On top of their existing roles and responsibilities, our management staff were rolling up our sleeves to manage the outlets. Trying to find solutions to beat the labour crunch, we decided to send our management staff to iFi Academy to attend the WSQ Diploma in F&B Management programme, which consists of modules pertaining to HR, operations and strategic business planning. After attending the HR modules at iFi Academy, we have successfully:

  • Hired staff with outstanding qualities and potential through a comprehensive recruitment programme
  • Achieved better labour cost management
  • Groomed and retained staff through an effective performance appraisal as well as rewards and recognition system
  • Increased staff satisfaction and morale
  • Implemented effective SOPs to guide new and existing staff with minimal supervision

Thank you, iFi Academy, for helping us resolve our labour shortage issues and more.

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