To be the leading regional academy, inspiring F&B
IT-nnovation to professionals and businesses in the F&B industry.


To be the regional academy, igniting knowledge and services to inspire F&B IT-nnovation.



Your dreams are our dreams. We are here to inspire, equip and empower you with knowledge from industry-specific training programmes and valuable resources to help you achieve your career and business goals.


Relentless entrepreneurial fearlessness is an inherent trait of the iFi DNA.We aspire to guide you in achieving great successes in your careers or businesses, boldly embracing well-tested strategies and knowledge that will help you attain career or business progression.


At the heart of iFi lies the dynamic spirit of innovation and enterprise. iFi approaches the development and delivery of skills-based training programmes with creativity and gusto, marrying essential knowledge with novel training methodologies for optimal knowledge transfer.